“The most rewarding experience in working with Open Doors was helping a homeless veteran re-unite with his daughter, after separation when sleeping under a bridge. With only two phone calls we found a safe home for both of them. Good deeds and good business aren’t mutually exclusive, as Open Doors so ably demonstrates.”

– Tim Solomon, AREC Board Member Emeritus (1954-2017)

Open Doors connects properties with vacancy to ready-now, paying tenants. Open Doors recruits private-market housing properties willing to rent to households with rental barriers, such as a past evictions, low-income, poor credit or criminal convictions. It is important to note that each property has an opportunity to decide its own standards for accepting residents. As part of our program, you will never be forced to accept a resident that does not meet your criteria. Once criteria have been established, Open Doors provides steady and free referrals for vacancies – usually within one to two business days. Your future tenants are ready to succeed in affordable rental housing due to case management and rental subsidy support from some of the best nonprofit agencies in Metro Atlanta.

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