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5 things you can do to help homeless veterans

By May 28, 2021News

Those who have served our country are at an increased risk of becoming homeless due to a variety of issues that arise while serving in the military and other factors. Most Americans want to honor and support these forgotten heroes but they don’t know how. If you want to join the fight to end veteran homelessness, here are five practical ways you can help:

  • Determine the need
    Visit with homeless veteran service providers like Open Doors and our network of partners to learn about the areas of greatest need in the community.
  • Join forces with others
    Become part of an organization that is working to solve homelessness and align yourself with other people who have a passion to fight for this issue.
  • Volunteer
    Get up close and personal by volunteering with a local nonprofit that serves homeless clients and needs your skills or time. Your experience could be extremely rewarding and educational.
  • Contact your elected officials
    Reach out to your state officials and the mayor’s office to ask what is being done in your community for homeless veterans and to advocate for better solutions and more resources.
  • Partner with Open Doors
    If you are an owner or property manager, you can list your property with Open Doors to help bring people home. Or if are part of an organization in the technology sector, you can lend your skills and expertise. If you are a non-profit that is also working to end homelessness, join forces with us to help your clients find a home faster. And no matter what you do, you can invest in our innovative solutions with your tax-deductible gift.