Open More Doors

Comprehensive Campaign for 2022-2024

Are you ready to put an end to one of the Atlanta Regions worst problems?

Together, we can create a sustainable solution for affordable housing.

Your generous donation funds innovative solutions to house more people experiencing homelessness.

Contact Kim Wolfe for more information or to contribute to our 2022-2024 Comprehensive Campaign.

We make connections to bring people home.

Over the course of the past decade, Open Doors has become the trusted leader at the crossroads of the local real estate community and our community’s nonprofit sector.

We work with more than 400 multifamily communities and 90 property management companies, as well as 100 nonprofit service providers, to reduce barriers to housing by identifying and securing affordable apartments and helping people in need overcome hurdles such as criminal history, poor credit, a history of eviction, and expensive security deposits.

Since 2012, we have housed 10,000 Georgians – reducing placement times from years/months to less than 30 days. But we can do so much more. That’s where you come in.

It’s time to Open More Doors
Our 2022-2024 Expansion Campaign will:

  • Cut through red tape
    Systemic barriers will be removed in order to house 44% more Georgians in need, with a special focus on residents who are people of color.
  • Introduce new technology
    An expanded mobile app will be developed to help thousands of everyday Georgians move into safe, affordable homes.
  • Expand partnerships and advance change
    We’ll collaborate with public and private partners to expand critical services and identify systemic solutions that will change our city for generations to come.

Together, we can move the needle on racial equity in affordable housing.

According to reports by Bloomberg, Brookings Institute, and other thinktanks, Atlanta bears the unfortunate distinction of America’s most unequal city.

Housing is a fundamental issue in the fight for racial justice
as the majority of Atlanta’s housing insecure are black and Latina.

But there is a path forward.

The Open More Doors campaign will help leverage existing resources to streamline the complicated journey from a tenant’s cry for help to a lasting, affordable place to call home.

With your support, we can Open More Doors to security, prosperity, and dignity for our neighbors in need.

Contact Kim Wolfe for more information or to contribute to our 2022-2024 Comprehensive Campaign.

The data proves our model works. Partners report 95%of tenants placed and supported through Open Doors remain housed successfully, compared to 75-80%of tenants nationally.