Meet Our Donors

The giving community has enthusiastically supported Open Doors’ innovative housing model and pioneering technology. We’re encouraged and thankful for the support that we’ve received from our generous donors:


Angel & Aaron Goldman Foundation
Cousins Foundation
Greenberg & Traurig
The Home Depot Foundation
Marc Lefar Family Foundation
Ron Terwilliger
Sartain Lanier Foundation
Tull Foundation
United Way / Whitehead Foundation
Waterfall Foundation
Westside Future Fund
William Josef Foundation


Atlanta Apartment Association
Shea Campbell
CF Real Estate
Russ Hardy
Cortland Properties
Enfold Properties
Etta Raye Hirsch Family Foundation
Lee & Malcolm McComb
Marc Pollack
RADCO Companies
RentPath Gives Back
United Rentals
Wells Fargo


Marvin Banks
David Bell
Shea Campbell
William Cassady
Mike Davis
Darion Dunn
Christie Eash
Sara Haas
Don Hoffman
James Kane
Allan & Paula Goldman
Robert LaChapelle
Dave Loeffel
Jake Maguire
Ken Reaves
Zach Schaumburg
Lauren & Tim Schrager
Chris Smith
Ben Teague