How We Work

How We Work

Open Doors is Helping Change The System

Before Open Doors, Providers and Owners Ran In Different Circles

Non-profits serving the homeless struggled to find affordable housing

  • Searching Craig’s List and real estate listings
  • Making constant phone calls
  • Filling out dozens of applications
  • Paying expensive application and administrative fees

The process took months and led to heartbreaking rejections

Open Doors Changed The Dynamic

By connecting non-profit organizations to real estate operators, Open Doors has created a system that works better for everyone. We leveraged our real estate and business relationships to recruit affordable housing options at the executive level. Participating property owners and managers enjoy valuable benefits:

  • Rent guarantees
  • Social support for program residents
  • Fair Housing guidance
  • A breakthrough referral app that allows owners to fill vacancy fast

The Results Are Remarkable

Open Doors and Our Partners:

  • Place over 1,000 people into affordable homes in Atlanta each year
  • Provide a first step to stabilizing families
  • Allow veterans to enjoy the peace and comfort they deserve
  • Make placements quickly: average time is about two weeks